Today is November the 19th, 2011. I am starting a new blog this evening to mark the occasion of when I decided to *change the equation*. In reality we change (or reset) the equation throughout our lives – at least, we should. However, even more often it is the perceived, existing equation that changes us. Hence the need to change it. Because in so many ways, the equation as our culture puts it to us is just wrong, off-base, ill-informed, inadequate, destructive, and even – at times – completely counter to what it should be. There have been various points in my life when I have realized this. But it was with resounding clarity that this was presented to me, in the form of a series of revelations following a life-changing event, just under a week ago.

Actually, the revelations have been coming like concussion bursts, one after the other, all week long. These are the kinds of revelations that piggy-back off of each other – one leading to the next, like a domino set that has been set in motion with the falling of the first piece.

My perspective feels close to crystal clear following these revelations. However, I am well aware that life (with the equation our culture would posit for us) has a way of sneaking up on you, and slowly but surely pulling the rug out from under you. And that’s why I feel the need to start this blog – this journal about walking all this out. Because my only concern is – not that the revelations are off-base – but that I will lose sight of them moving forward. Right now the revelation is so strong, and so fresh, that such a “drift” seems impossible. Yet I’m old enough to know that this just isn’t the case. The old equation will inevitably try and put itself back in place, running the show.

It is up to me to remind myself (frequently) of what is ultimately real. And, along that same track, to remind myself of who I really am. And, believe it or not, that’s not exactly who I though I was, only one week ago.